"...PJ continuously gave me the drive and the understanding that I COULD and we WOULD do this. He never gave me a reason to doubt him and his abilities to give me a plan that would work. PJ gave me something that no one can ever take away from me; the confidence that I CAN achieve anything I set my mind to."

- WBFF Pro Jacquelyn Rickson


"The man's a pure genius when it comes to women's physiques and how to dial them in. Whether it be for a competition, weight loss, or just general overall health. I have never asked him a question that he has not had an answer for, and he still amazes me every day with all his knowledge."

- IFBB Pro Michelle Trapp

Are You
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08.29 2012

Romanian Deadlift Instructed By PJ Braun

04.04 2012

PJ Braun Instructs Sabrina Taylor On Plie Squats

04.04 2012

IFBB Pro Sabrina Taylor does BraunFitness Circuit for Jon Lindsay Grand Prix

05.03 2012

PJ Braun trains IFBB Pro Sabrina Taylor on Legs (WPD)